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The World Awaits: A Thanksgiving Party for Susan Matus

After 53 years of dedicated service to the ANFLO Group of Companies, Mrs. Susan M. Matus, former First Vice President of Treasury and HRSS South, a generous boss, a loyal employee, and a loving mother and grandmother, bade goodbye to the company via a Thanksgiving Party last January 17,2020 at the Seda Abreeza Hotel.

The event was attended by the Matus family, members of the Floirendo family, the ANFLO Group executives, and employees of the ANFLOCOR Treasury and HRSS departments. In line with her desire to travel on her retirement, the venue was decorated with design elements that had world maps, luggage, airplanes, trains, and tourist landmarks that gave a vintage wanderlust vibe to the event.

Mrs. Matus’ grand entrance with her family followed by an audiovisual presentation of her memorable events with the company, were both well-applauded by the guests. Emotions rose when colleagues and ANFLO’s top management took to the stage to deliver their respective speeches in her honor.

Ms. Linda F. Lagdameo, the Chairperson of the ANFLO Group, expressed her praises for Mrs. Matus’ hard work and loyalty, “I appreciate that you stayed with the company through its countless cycles of ups and downs for many years. Your brand of loyalty is very hard to come by these days. We acknowledge your contribution to the advancement of the ANFLO Group of Companies. To us, it is truly priceless. On behalf of the Floirendo family, I would like to convey our gratitude to you for the loyalty and dedication that you have given us.”

Mr. Anthony B. Sasin, Member of the Board, and Ms. Lilian P. Castillo, SAVP for Treasury, talked about their experiences in working with Ma’am Susan, as she is fondly called, and also shared appreciation of all her contributions to the company.

A special moment then followed as the celebrant gave her thanksgiving message. Ma’am Susan looked back on how she was trained by her mentor, the late Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr. She talked about the triumphant and challenging moments, “I came to the point when I felt I need to rest and enjoy my retirement years while I still can. Looking back, I learned that the future is always richly rewarding and that whatever circumstance you are in, you just have to believe in yourself and have faith in the Lord Almighty. I would like to thank all of you, especially my employer, the Floirendo family, and to all whom I cannot mention one by one. My family and I are truly thankful to all of you. I’m truly honored and grateful to have worked with you all.”

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