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ANFLO managers complete Groupwide Leadership Development Program

The TADECO clubhouse was packed with managers of the Anflo group on February 27 and 28, 2020 for the 2-day culminating activity of the Groupwide Leadership Development Program (GLDP). The event was participated in by managers from the north and south companies who have successfully completed the program since its commencement in July 2019, totaling 78 participants.

The main objective of the GLDP is to enhance the leadership skills of managers and help improve inter-affiliate camaraderie and strengthen the relationship between the operations and support services. The entire program was facilitated by one of the country’s renowned training academies, the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), in partnership with ANFLOCOR’s HRMD department.

On the first day, the managers were grouped randomly for a number of teambuilding activities that included a personality check exercise and a strategy game. The highlight of the day was the group performances where the managers sang, danced, and cheered with their originally composed group chants.

On the second day, the managers sat down with their program batchmates to work on the presentation of their “change projects”, wherein the participants prepared project proposals that are deemed beneficial to the Anflo Group and its employees. The portfolio of 9 projects will form a good source of programs that the management may opt to undertake in the future.

The GLDP was capped off with an intimate graduation ceremony, as DAP awarded the managers with certificates of completion and attendance and special individual awards for those who had shown exemplary performances during the program.

Mr. Ricardo R. Floirendo (Vice-Chairman of the Anflo Group and President for Real Estate & Livestock Operations), Mr. Vincent R. Floirendo (President for Agri Operations), and Mr. Oscar V. Grapa were among the top executives who graced the event.

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