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DBLCI’s 1st Boat Owners’ Meet-up

Davao Boat and Leisure Club, Inc. (DBLCI) welcomed its tenants and guests during their meet-up last March 6, 2020 at the Old Shipyard (Bridgeport Shipyard) in Caliclic, Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS). Guests were oriented by officials from the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) XI on the policies and guidelines on the implementation of their recreational boats and other private-owned watercrafts.

Ms. Rubina S. Badoy, Planning Officer III of MARINA XI, provided highlights of the MARINA AMNESTY PROGRAM under MARINA Memorandum Circular No. DS-2019-01, which requires all recreational watercraft owners to register their boats and MARINA Memorandum Circular No. 2012 – 06 which requires that all Philippine - registered boats must be manned by crew members duly licensed under Philippine laws. She gave a presentation on the need for recreational boats to be registered as it confers upon the boats a nationality and status of a Philippine Recreational Boat. It also endows the boat protection rights under the Philippine flag while traversing Philippine waters and all other bodies of water where the state has jurisdiction.

Honorable Mayor Al David Uy of the IGACOS also graced the event and provided brief highlights on the move of the city government on the safety and security measures of the island as it increasingly positions itself as the region’s prime tourism and boating destination.

The Amnesty Program launched by MARINA XI in mid-2019 is a one-year amnesty extended to all unregistered recreational boats and watercrafts to give the boat owners ample time to register their boats or renew their licenses to ensure that all motorized boats and recreational watercrafts that navigate Philippine waters have supporting valid documents that grant them protection and safety.

After the Amnesty Program, MARINA XI, along with other cooperating government agencies, will be implementing the policies and start penalizing boat owners for non-compliance and/or violation of the policies.

This move is part of the safety and precautionary measures of the government, through its implementing agencies, for all boat owners and public or privately-run marinas and boat clubs.

Article contributed by DBLCI

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