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About Us

   Established in 1977, the Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (ANFLOCOR) is the management and investment company of the ANFLO Group of Companies, founded by the Floirendo family’s patriarch, Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr.

        The Mindanao-based business conglomerate is engaged in a diverse range of industries, including agriculture (production and export of Cavendish bananas, livestock operations), industrial (container port terminal, storage facilities, manufacturing of packaging materials and labels, trucking services, aerial spray and helicopter charter services), real estate (residential and commercial developments) and tourism (resort and franchise hotels operations). The ANFLO Group also has companies that are into construction, retail, consumer financing, radio broadcasting, and security agency.

       The ANFLO Group continues to grow and expand while remaining true to its commitment to the development and upliftment of the people of Mindanao.



To be the leading management and investment company in Mindanao and thereby be a vehicle for the sustained upliftment of quality of life in Mindanao

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  • Our stockholders are the providers of resources and capital. We will ensure optimum returns for their investment and be responsible stewards of their assets.

  • Our subsidiaries and affiliates are the lifeblood of the Company. We will provide them with professional management services and resources.

  • Our people are the principal resource and core drivers of the organization. We will provide a work-life balance, wholesome work environment and opportunities for advancement.

  • The communities where we operate support our operations and are our principal advocates. We will share our blessings with them through our CSR activities and by being good corporate citizens.

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Honest, trustworthy and fair
Adherence to high ethical standards


High competence
Effective, Efficient, and responsible service

Respect for the Individual

Recognize talents, abilities, and achievements
Tap into the potentials of our people by empowering them through the responsible delegation of authority


Unity of purpose

Principals and

Board of Directors

Nenita R. Floirendo

Chair Emerita - ANFLO Group

of Companies

President - Nestfarms, KBSI, KVI
Vice Chairman - ANFLO Group of Companies

Ma. Linda F. Lagdameo

Chairperson - ANFLO Group

of Companies

Vicente R. Floirendo

President - ANFLOCOR, UniFinance,

Ma. Cristina F. Brias

President - Hospitality and

CSR Operations

Ma. Theresa R. Floirendo

Member of the Board

Head of Environmental Concerns

for AOFF

Ricardo R. Floirendo

Anthony B. Sasin

Member of the Board

Antonio Ernesto F. Lagdameo

President - Industrial Operations

Ricardo F. Lagdameo

President - Real Estate and Construction Group