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Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc.

    Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Incorporated (TADECO) is engaged in the production and export of fresh Cavendish bananas to Japan, Korea, Middle East, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. It is the flagship company of ANFLOCOR and leads the banana world in export yield per hectare with an average production of 5,000 boxes per hectare per year.

   With more than 40 years in banana operations, TADECO has maintained its world-class quality bananas following stringent international standards in the industry. TADECO is a recipient of both the Global Good Agricultural Practices (GGAP) and Philippine Good Agricultural Practices (PhilGAP) certifications for putting food safety and sustainability as its top priority and was Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) Awardee in 2014. TADECO is also a National Awardee for Most Outstanding Grievance Machinery and is Halal-certified.

    TADECO was also a two-time national awardee given by the Philippine League of Labor-Management Cooperation Practitioners Inc. (PHILAMCOP), in coordination with the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB), for its outstanding Labor-Management Cooperation for Industrial Peace.
      These certifications and awards confirm that TADECO is at the forefront of the banana industry in both farm and labor management practices that ensure not only top quality and high productivity, but also food safety and sustainability, environmental protection, and  occupational safety and health for workers.

          As a self-sustained community, TADECO has generated projects such as housing facilities for its workers and their families, preschool, elementary and secondary schools, chapels, hospital, gymnasium, recreation center and facilities including a 1.7-hectare sports field.

          TADECO, which was organized on December 20, 1950, first made its mark in abaca production before shifting to banana production and becoming one of the biggest and most efficient banana producers.

Brgy. A.O. Floirendo, Panabo City, Davao del Norte

(084) 234-7711

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