TADECO executive honored as UPLB distinguished alumnus

TADECO executive honored as UPLB distinguished alumnus

“Father of Sigatoka Control” Dr. Vivencio L. Quiñon, Senior Consultant for Agriculture of TADECO, cited for outstanding scientific contributions in Plant Disease Management.

The University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) College of Agriculture recognized Dr. Vivencio L. Quiñon, Senior Consultant for Agriculture of the Tagum Agricultural Development Company (TADECO), Inc., as UPLB’s Distinguished Alumnus Awardee for Science and Technology.

The award-giving body cited Dr. Quiñon for his outstanding scientific contributions in the control of major diseases of pineapple, banana, and citrus in large plantations of major corporations in Mindanao.

“He has been for many years and continues to be an integral player in our agricultural team.  His being an intelligent leader marked an exemplary contribution to the development and success of the company,” said Alexander N. Valoria, President of the Anflo Management and Investment Corporation, the Management and Investment Company of TADECO, as he commended Dr. Quiñon for this honour.

Dr. Quiñon was also honoured for his research breakthrough in developing Calixin (Tridemorp) in 1972 as one of the most effective fungicides in controlling the most destructive disease of bananas called Sigatoka.

This remarkable breakthrough has enabled the country’s large banana growers and exporters to control the spread of the disease for more than 30 years – a realization that hailed him as “The Father of Sigatoka Control”.

“This substantiates his expertise as a scientist and his dedication to his work. His contribution and wide experience in research and technology is really evident in TADECO, the world leader in banana production and quality,” remarked Valoria.

With the company’s Sigatoka Control Program under the guidance of Dr. Quiñon, TADECO remains to be the largest and most efficient contiguous banana plantation in the world, producing a total volume of 32,555,607 boxes or 5,000 boxes per hectare per year.

“We all look forward to many more years of his valuable input and advice as we expand ANFLOCOR’s banana operations,” said Valoria.

Dr. Quiñon received his award during the celebration of the UPLB’s 94th Loyalty Day and Alumni Homecoming last October 9, 2012 at UPLB Edwin Bingham Copeland Gymnasium Complex.


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