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Damosa Diamond Tower - The Future of Office Spaces is Here

Damosa Land Inc. (DLI) topped off one of its flagship projects this 2020 - the Damosa Diamond Tower. The office tower is DLI’s response to the growing demand for office spaces in Davao City as more and more investments are expected to come in. The office tower stands at 17 stories high, has a land size of 2,200 square meters, and a building footprint estimate of about 1,800 square meters.

As Davao City continues to experience an influx of investments, DLI’s First Vice President Ricardo “Cary” Lagdameo sees the office tower as a welcome addition to the city’s skyline. “As one of our biggest projects, this is truly a milestone for the company,” Lagdameo added.

The building’s aesthetics boast of a façade depicting the wavy lines of banana fibers – considered to be Davao’s top export. “In this project, we wanted to depict something so important in the family, which is agriculture, and incorporate this into the architectural design of the building,” Lagdameo said.

Damosa Diamond Tower is committed to uphold sound ecological practices by promoting the use of renewable energy to which locators will be granted access. The custom-made exterior fins also help divert heat. Another important aspect is the environment-friendly curtain glass wall or Low-E Glass that helps block off the sun’s heat from coming in the building.

Damosa Diamond Tower not only expands DLI’s portfolio, but also opens doors to a host of other investments in Davao City. Lagdameo believes that the Damosa Diamond Tower will allow DLI to have a stronger foothold in the region as its portfolio continues to grow.

“We are steadfast in our commitment to become a significant figure in the property industry and to take on a bigger role in the community,” added Lagdameo.

Inked and Sealed! Damosa Land signs franchise partnership with Regus to operate a total of eight centers in Mindanao. This helps provide enterprises office space to further develop and grow their endeavors in the south.

Article and top photo contributed by DLI Marketing

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