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TADECO welcomes newest milestone

Happier and healthier bananas are set to fill TADECO in the coming months, as its newest nursery facility was inaugurated and blessed on November 19, 2019. Adding up to the world-class facilities of TADECO, the 1.84-hectare nursery is the agri-group’s very first, having its own pump house with controlled irrigation system, along with retractable nets to better regulate sun exposure of the plantlets. With weather accuracy designed in the said propagation facility, the banana plantlets are expected to develop well and grow healthier before its transfer to the field.

“With constant teamwork, hard work, and passion for excellence, I believe we will continue to celebrate more developments in the future. Congratulations!” shared Dr. Benny Corcolon, Vice President for RICD - TADECO. The said facility is an all-in-one nursery with a chemical and fertilizer bodega, Trichoderma, and potting area in place. Surely, everything that is needed by the plantlets is provided in its new home. What a great development to end and start the coming year! Kudos, TADECO!

Excited for the newest 1.8-hectare nursery, President for Agri Operations Mr. Vincent R. Floirendo led the inauguration and blessing on November 19, 2020. With him are (L-R) SAVP for Production Division Restituto V. Granada Jr., VP for RICD - TADECO Dr. Benny Corcolon, Tissue Culture Supt. Marchie Macabodbod, Post Harvest Manager Abbeah Navasca, VP/GM for DAAI Capt. Ronald Go, HRD AVP Zeaus Vadil, VP/GM for ANFLOCON Engr. Ruel Tan, and Studies Group SAVP Dante Arevalo. The blessing was officiated by Rev. Fr. of SADPC Benjamin Lucena.

Article and photos contributed by TADECO Corporate Communications

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