Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (ANFLOCOR) is a company that oversees various businesses, joint ventures, and allied services or expansion of existing businesses.

These corporations forming the Anflocor Group of Companies all started on December 20, 1950 with the abaca plantation that sprung from the swampy land of Davao del Norte. What became the largest abaca producer in the world later shifted its business operations to the production and export of bananas to other countries. But growing and exporting of bananas required a multi-faceted operation. This consequently led to the creation of satellite companies dedicated to providing services essential to carrying out the operation of a banana plantation. Among which are packaging production company, a port, and a trucking service provider.

Back in Davao at that time, Davao Motor Sales, Inc. (DAMOSA) was briskly selling Ford vehicles since 1948 while other business ventures like growing and exporting of fresh pineapples, swine production, trading of general merchandise, and catering to the financing needs of the Ford automotive dealers were also opened.

As the number of companies grew, the need to organize a company that would be tasked to manage the vast business empire became inevitable. Thus in 1977, the Anflo Management and Investment Corporation or ANFLOCOR was organized.

Today, ANFLOCOR continues to aggressively expand its businesses, venturing into promising and viable industries while partnering with existing companies that are themselves institutions in their respective business fields. As it remains true to the pursuit of its vision of national development and economic upliftment founded on social responsibility. Through Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr. Foundation, Anflocor brings community-support services geared towards improving people’s lives through assistance in education, moral and social values, sports, health care, environment and cultural activities, and economic processes for the upliftment of the communities to which the company serves and partners with.

These initiatives are reflective of Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr., the founder of Anflocor, who believed that social responsibility is a vocation that entails more than just goodwill but effort, as well.

Anflocor is positioned to participate in the global economy pushing forward and moving ahead to achieve greater heights in its core businesses and future business ventures. This, driven by a team of highly competent individuals managed by talented leaders in business, is a vision that Anflocor sets to achieve in the coming years.

Anflocor, we make your life better.



Vision, Mission and Corporate Values



Our Vision


  • To be the leading management and investment company in Mindanao and thereby be a vehicle for the sustained upliftment of quality of life in Mindanao

Our Mission


    • Our stockholders are the providers of resources and capital. We will ensure optimum returns for their investment and be responsible stewards of their assets.
    • Our subsidiaries and affiliates are the lifeblood of the Company. We will provide them with professional management services and resources.
    • Our people are the principal resource and core drivers of the organization. We will provide a work-life balance, wholesome work environment and opportunities for advancement.
    • The communities where we operate support our operations and are our principal advocates. We will share our blessings with them through our CSR activities and by being good corporate citizens.

Our Corporate Values



  • Honest, trustworthy and fair
  • Adherence to high ethical standards


  • High competence
  • Effective, Efficient, and responsible service

Respect for the Individual

  • Recognize talents, abilities, and achievements
  • Tap into the potentials of our people by empowering them through the responsible delegation of authority


  • Unity of purpose
  • Cooperation






Anflocor Board of Directors