PANTRUCKS  Panabo Trucking Services, Inc. (PTSI)


Panabo Trucking Services, Inc. (PTSI) is the transportation services company of ANFLOCOR. It mainly caters to the logistic requirements of affiliates and other companies.

It was incorporated in April 1977 as a provider of trucking services for TADECO. With the expanding agricultural operations of Anflocor, it now serves other affiliates of the group such as Anflo Banana Corporation, and DAPACOR. PTSI also expanded its hauling services to DAVCO in Calinan for the transportation of its pineapple produce. Brand new refrigerated containers were imported from China while some refurbished units were added to the fleet for this load.

PTSI boosted its fleet with the acquisition of reefer container generator sets and gooseneck chassis to support its requirement for containerized hauling. Along this, most of Del Monte’s shipping lines for the Middle East and China Markets like MISC, MARIANA, ZIM, OOCL, and KLINE became business partners of the company.

Today, PTSI maintains a fleet of 84 trucks, 122 trailers, 45 reefer van generator sets, and 15 reefer vans for its expanding operations.