DICT  Davao International Container Terminal, Inc. (DICT)

Davao International Container Terminal, Inc. (DICT) is the most modern container port terminal in the Philippines. It is a joint venture between the Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (ANFLOCOR) and Dole-Stanfilco, the leading producers and exporters of fresh Cavendish bananas in the Philippines.

 Formerly known as San Vicente Terminal and Brokerage Services, Inc. (SVT), DICT has a long history in port operations servicing the stevedoring and arrastre requirements of break bulk shipments of fresh produce like bananas and pineapples in TADECO wharf. As more and more cargoes are being shipped via refrigerated containers, DICT transformed to become the leader in port logistics in Mindanao.

 DICT operates in an advanced port facility using the latest terminal operating system (TOS) that powers the efficient movement of incoming and outgoing containerized cargoes. It is manned by excellent and well-organized staff considered as the finest talents in the industry to provide world-class services to its clients.

 DICT’s particularly unique knowledge in efficiently handling fresh produce of delicate nature assures its clients that their products maintain the highest quality throughout the movement within the port terminal.

 Offering world-class container terminal facilities and services in this heavily agricultural island region in the Philippines, DICT guarantees the global competitiveness of the export-grade products of Mindanao.